Monday, January 21, 2008

BOO! A Ghost!

So today my Grandma came out to hang out with me. We went to Walmart and TJ Maxx haha. In the process of taking pictures of my outfit, I ended up taking pictures of me jumping on my mom's bed ahaha

I Look like a ghost!

but for real now, here's my outfit. I kept it simple today to be comfy:

shirt: old navy

vest: DKNY jeans

skinny cords: delia's

necklace: my great grandmother's

boots: soho lab

and I bought...

this really amazing purplish bag! I can't get over the color! best part: IT WAS 10 FRICKIN DOLLARS! Liz Claiborne

miu miu sunglasses- LOVE these! the pic makes it look like theres plastic around the frame-btut there isn't its just metal. they look pretty nice on. $40

DKNY top. i really like this! it makes me smile because its all colorful and light and happy haha. $30

I also got this INCREDIBLE BAG. its a lighter version of robin's egg blue. ahhh its so pretty. i have to wait for my birthday to get it though haha, so i'll post it then.


miss hautttefashion said...

cute,simple outfit
but i want to see what that dkny top looks like when youre actually wearing it

schminnie said...

huh, well I dont like the glasses, or bag, but I like the dkny top, and the ghost pictures

Wendy said...

Lucky! I want Miu Miu sunnies. And cute outfit, I like the denim vest.

Sarcelle said...

Hahaaa jumping. :)

I love that color shirt with the denim vest.

and i think i have those delias cords.

style marauder said...

loooovvve the music on your blog. wow. that song is perfect. i'm linking youu.

the t-shirt girl said...

i love the outfit!!!