Friday, January 25, 2008

outfitttaaas. blehsha.

I haven't posted in a few days..sorry bout that I've been busy and around. This is just an outfit post, I have a real post coming up that I'm working on =]

Sweater: Gap (ancient)
T-Shirt, Skinnies, and Flats: Delia's
Necklace and Bracelet: my great grandmother's
Socks: Calvin Klein


Top and Belt: Forever 21
Skinny Cords: Delia's
Bangles: (no clue!)
Not Shown: Slouchy boots from Soho Lab, Cherry Rhinestone ring, again no clue!

Monday, January 21, 2008

BOO! A Ghost!

So today my Grandma came out to hang out with me. We went to Walmart and TJ Maxx haha. In the process of taking pictures of my outfit, I ended up taking pictures of me jumping on my mom's bed ahaha

I Look like a ghost!

but for real now, here's my outfit. I kept it simple today to be comfy:

shirt: old navy

vest: DKNY jeans

skinny cords: delia's

necklace: my great grandmother's

boots: soho lab

and I bought...

this really amazing purplish bag! I can't get over the color! best part: IT WAS 10 FRICKIN DOLLARS! Liz Claiborne

miu miu sunglasses- LOVE these! the pic makes it look like theres plastic around the frame-btut there isn't its just metal. they look pretty nice on. $40

DKNY top. i really like this! it makes me smile because its all colorful and light and happy haha. $30

I also got this INCREDIBLE BAG. its a lighter version of robin's egg blue. ahhh its so pretty. i have to wait for my birthday to get it though haha, so i'll post it then.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

27 Dresses

[Jane's Closet of Bridesmaid Dresses]

As you may have read in my previous post, today I saw the new movie, 27 Dresses. I dragged my dad along, but he always picks the movie so it was my turn! I really liked it, it was cute. If you miss it in theaters, you should still order it on paperview or rent it! The movie inspired me to make a post using some of Jane's dresses as ideas for better ones. enjoy!

Jane's dress was way TOO poofy and that pink will never be a flattering color no matter how the dress is styled or who is wearing it. The beading is way over-the-top. Instead, opt for a richer, magenta minidress with a bubbled hem. Keep the detailing simple, with a little beading around the neck.
[rebecca taylor > ]

The faded purple in Jane's dress washes her out. Purple in general is a difficult color. Lapis, like in the dress shown on the right, is less obnoxious and more subtle. The silky material of the dress will reflect light and give the dress dimension.

[Theory > ]

The odd orange sherbert color of Jane's dress is the least of it's problems! It looks like a 6 year old's ballet recital costume! The mesh skirt, loose bows, and rough ribbons look sloppy. The flower decals might attract a bee! When picking out a dress with flowers on it, don't opt for ones that are 3-D! Instead, choose one with a fashion-forward bold print like the one shown on the right!

[Marc Jacobs > ]

Jane's dress has way too much poof! Don't select a dress with too much volume. Find one that just has a little bit of shape to make it interesting. The one on the right is sleek until it reaches the bottom, where it has an interesting detail to make it pop out. A volumous dress should ideally be a solid color. Stay away from poofy dresses with a pattern- that's just way too much!

[Rebecca Taylor>]

That's me on the left! I was a bridesmaid for my cousin in August 2006. Our dresses actually wern't that bad. Navy bottom, ivory top, and a little ribbon that tied on the side of our waists. Try wearing navy as a solid, in a simple minidress like the one on the right. this shade of navy is more "royal blue," than the one in my dress, and will look richer.
[Rag and Bone >]


Today I went with my dad and his girlfriend to the movies and then out to a Thai Restaurant for dinner. Yum! One of my favorites! This is what I wore..

Plum Sweater- American Eagle (I was shocked when I got it for Christmas! its so un-american eagle)

Skinny Jeans- Delia's

Top- Calvin Klein Jeans

Scarf- Oscar, by Oscar de le Renta

Shoes- Franco Sarto

Bag- I don't even know, but I bought it at Jasmine Sola

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Kirsten is such a MIUse!

Don't tell me she doesn't look freaking GORGEOUS in the new Miu Miu ad campaign. This is such a major step up from Lindsay Lohan, though I liked her. Kirsten isn't my favorite person in Hollywood, but she's started impressing me. She was incredible in Marie Antoinette and she looks like a model in these ads. Way to go Kirsten Dunst!


Okay, so my hands are constantly FREEZING, along with most of my body, so i just taught myself a new trick.

I put a dollop of handcream on my palm but didnt rub it in. Then, I put my hand over the pellet stve for a few minutes (you could do it with a wood-burning stove or fireplace as well). After the cream warmed up a bit, i rubbed it in =] yayyy

The Body Lotion, Victoria's Secret, $20

So Soft!

Target's newest designer!

[ The Design Duo ]

In case you haven't heard, the next designer(s!) to design for Target's GO:International is Jovovich-Hawk. Jovovich-Hawk is a collaboration created by Milla Jovovich and Carmen Hawk, both former models. The line is based in Los Angeles. It is set to debut in Target this March. I love the looks of their line and hope they can bring the same flair to Target!

Expect looks similar to these!

[note: the above looks are from the jovovich-hawk Spring 2008 collection and were not designed for target]

Betsey In Your Ear

I love Betsey Johnson's jewlery! It's so fun. My favorites right now are these two pairs of earrings. I want them!

its my birthday and i'll cry if i want to....

my birthday is coming up on February 8th, yay! here's a big collage of a bunch of things I want. mostly simple stuff but I need some of that. so what do you say, oui or non?

pink dressss

i came across this dress from j.crew and i really like it. its very simple, but pretty. the next event i can think of that i might wear something like it to is the end-of-year formal, though thats ages away. it may fall differently in person though, so i'll have to check it out at the store. oui or non?

Friday, January 18, 2008

Girls I love.

These are some awesome chick musicians you need to check out-

Kate Nash.
If you've been keeping up I'm sure you've heard of her. If you haven't, or just lack motivation to listen to her-go find her now! Her style is very upbeat and good to yours ears. Indie/Alternative.
Link to her myspace:
My Picks: Mouthwash, Foundations, Merry Happy

Ingrid Michaelson.
I've liked her for a while now. Her song "The Way I Am" was featured in a JCPenny holiday commercial. Very pretty Voice. I like the Ingrid Michaelson tshirts. Indie/Pop/Folk Rock
Link to her myspace:
My Picks: Overboard, Breakable

Renee Cassar.
You can hear her spirit in her voice. She went through most of her life expecting to play tennis professionally but found her dream when she got the lead in a school musical. Her music is definately in the pop genre. I can't say she's the most original, she's something we've heard before. But her music does make me want to drive around with the windows down (or atleast it would if it were 30 degrees warmer.) Pop/Rock
Link to her myspace:
My Picks: Are You Happy Now, Forget to Breathe

Jessica Andrews.
I swear I've seen a music video of hers when i was younger...early 2000s. I haven't heard from her much since then, but I came across a good song by her. Definately worth looking into it. Country/Pop
Link to her myspace:
My Pick: Poison's in the Sugar

And please- use itunes/buy these girls' songs. While limewire may be great, I'm a firm believer in supporting lesser-known musicians.


I think most of the world, including girls who just need to be so "original" need to get that in their head.
Expression=wear what you want.

In case you didn't notice...

this is a blog. =]

I'm Kate, and you're looking at my new blog. I've blogged before..but I hated my blog so after about a week I stopped haha. I actually want to make this one good so keep checking back.

Fashion, lifestyle, music, anything else I want to post about-that's what you'll see. Enjoy!